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Quantum Advisors LLC is a fund managing company for the purpose of preserving and developing the value of the entrepreneurship of the community. It will serve its purpose in various ways including, but not limited to, investing in opportunities of a venture, restructuring, expansion, and mergers & acquisitions.


Our Korean American community has over 100 year history of pioneering immigration spirit. It has grown into one of the very prominent immigration communities and built sizable wealth in the United States. The achievement has been supported by the hard work, uncompromising vision of success, and strong commitment for higher education of the next generations of the first immigrants.


As the first-generation Korean American immigrants enter the retirement stage, our value must be carried away by the next generation. The mission of Quantum Advisors LLC has evolved along with this generation transition within the Korean American business community in that the achievements by the first generation must be preserved and further developed into a higher level in terms of the more engagement with other communities as well as the bigger role in the business world.



Our investment objectives lie in the following areas:

  • Startup companies

  • Growing companies

  • Turnaround recapitalization

  • Development of real estate projects

  • Acquisition of maturing companies






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Quantum consists of the partners with diverse backgrounds, but all of the partners have achieved success in their own fields. They represent importing and wholesaling, manufacturing in overseas countries and domestically, critical supplier for a global electronic manufacturer in cross border country, retail of equipment, processing and wholesaling food, commercial and M&A lawyer, and banking and financial executive. The member profile is as follows:

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Brian S. Kim: Founder and Chairman and CEO of Turboair, Inc. Turboair, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of the commercial freezer and its related items in the United States. Its manufacturing facilities span from China, Vietnam, Korea, and Texas. Mr. Kim is also actively involved in the community activities and runs Turbo Charity Foundation for providing education opportunities for underserved young generations. He is a first generation immigrant.

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James Shim: Founder and Chairman of JC Sales, Inc. JC Salesand its affiliates are engaged in import, wholesale and retail businesses throughout the Southern California. The company is one of the top 20 largest companies in the Los Angeles County.

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Richard Kim: Founder and President and CEO of Trust1 Sales, which is the retailer and installer of restaurant equipment in California. It is one of the largest suppliers in the Southern California focused on the food & beverage industries in the Korean American communities.

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Soon Gyu Park: Founder and President and CEO of Unitech Corp. and its sister companies. Unitech Corp. is a tier one vendor for a global TV manufacturer in Tijuana, Mexico. After working at a global company in various locations like Korea and the United Kingdom, Mr. Park established his business to supply major parts to the final manufacturer under Maquiladora program between the United States and Mexico.

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Thomas Lee: Founder/CEO of D&C Dist. Co., and former owner/CEO of Gust Picoulas Nut Co., a wholesale peanut processing company, which he expanded to packing and wholesale of nuts & dried fruits under his own brand, Naturalee, whose products were sold at Ralph's, Stater Brothers, & Hughes Supermarkets, and in every major Korean supermarket chain in Southern California. He sold the business to the former President of Del Monte Foods. He is currently an investor in several commercial & industrial properties.


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Jack Choi: Jack is CEO of Quantum Advisors LLC. Jack has a seasoned financial industry expert with decades of experience in the financial industries. He was an executive officer, the president and CEO of several banks. He founded and managed as president and CEO Commonwealth Business Bank. He led several troubled banks into turnaround in the Korean American business community. Other fields of his experience include a printing and publishing business involving with overseas companies.

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Scott Kim: Scott is General Counsel. He has extensive knowledge and experience in transactions, mergers & acquisitions, securities laws, corporate governance, financing and international transactions. He has experience in various industries including banking and financial services, real estate, renewable energy, agriculture, bioscience, technology, F&B and hospitality. He has been active in global networking of the Korean business throughout the world and the Korean American business community in the Southern California.

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Quantum F&A


520 S. Grand Ave. Suite 1070, Los Angeles, CA 94158​


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